Friday, April 7, 2017

Bar Bar Dekho. Hazaar Bar Dekho. #KOTHAKABDAY30

Prateek is just a name. Kotha is but an emotion. 

Kotha has grown ...arey baba...I meant, professionally and personally. Btw, we met the other day and I'd to lend a friend's hand to complete the hug. So he has indeed grown the way you thought he should. There is no better indicator to show his social progress than the FB profile that has doubled or perhaps tripled in size from 2010. Making a Mark? Sorry…no pun intended; m in small letters.

Myntra is the current mantra, a word that had been 'alive' in his mind even while toying with marketing at Hamleys. I'm told that the social media team at Myntra has given him an achievable target of converting his FB page to a fan page by 2018. Who knows, Kotha might just parley a deal with Zuckerberg to raise FB's own bar by a notch to perhaps 6000 friends in total?! Kotha's bar is so raised that the bar now looks up to him, which is another story to discuss at Ghar bar.

It's not that SIMC 2010 can't raise the bar, just see Priyanka Purkayastha. She joined FB along with us in 2009/10 and then took it so seriously that she rejoined FB in 2011 as an Analyst. Come on. The only thing I do daily is scroll up and scroll down, and you earn a salary for my efforts? Not done. Btw, Priyanka, if you need Mark's number, just ring up Kotha. 

Kotha has an eye on yet another target, but which I think is difficult to achieve or surpass. Any guesses? Yeah 2275 flights till April 6th. Difficult because he hasn't kept the boarding passes of the completed trips. Also because, changing a job in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 is slightly impossible. But, Kotha, SIMC believes in you. Go, beat or at least square the record over the next 20 years. Stock up the e-boarding passes starting today. Age is just a number. Ask UKC sir, the forever youngster. 

At 75 and counting, sneaker maximum is a new record at Myntra. Not sure if he partly owns the return processing center of Vector e-commerce Pvt Ltd! But all rounder for sure :D 

On a serious note, an offline indicator of his affection is my daughter who is now 3 and remembers the 'Kotha Uncle' who gifted her a watermelon t-shirt more than a year back. How much more influential can you be? We will be cheering you on. Keep Walking. Again no pun intended.

In the age of coupons, it was indeed a pleasure to key in KOTHAKABDAY30 code only on Ola Prime, commemorating crossing 29, another prime! Happy Birthday to you! :)

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